Uzalo: Kwanda Apologizes to Xaba family for hurting their daughter

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Finally Kwanda and Nonka Will get back together, and Hleziphe will confess for everything she has done to them, because she is the reason why their relationship was not working, remember Hleziphe was always jealous because she loves Kwanda, she went to witch doctor so that he could help her to win Kwanda, but unfortunately things didn't go the way she wanted.

Her confession might course Hleziphe's work, remember Nonka is her boss and she was always trusting her, so Nonka will feel disappointed when she heard that Hleziphe was responsible for her relationship with Kwanda not working, actually she will loose hope on Hleziphe.

Kwanda will also go to Xaba's family to apologize because he disappointed them, remember he promised them to take care of their daughter, because he truly loves her.

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