Nigerian-Born Canada Based Doctor, Adetola Lists Her Achievements As She Turns A Year Older


A Nigerian-born abroad based doctor has taken to her official Twitter account to list her achievements as she turns a year older. This Nigerian-born doctor whose username is "Dr. Adeola" explained that she had doubted herself when she was 35 years old due to some reasons. She is a Nigerian but she stays in Canada.

She explained that she was expected to be a director at 35 years old but she doubted it because she is black, she has no Stanford degree and she has a different accent. Despite the fact that she doubted the possibility of becoming a director, she managed to achieve somethings.

She became a director at a Tech company, she acquired 3 houses and she became one of the Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women. Besides, she also won Step Awards Honoree and she is among RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants.

As she turns 36 years old, she said that she is yet to complete the list of the achievement she started at the age of 35. She said she is panicking on what to wear to celebrate her birthday and she has a 4 days vacation. She said she needs a cake and someone who will pay for the extravagant birthday celebration.

She has really achieved relevant achievements in life.