This Is How To Interpret Numbers In Your Dream

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Whenever you dream and you see numbers in your dream, it is mostly interpreted literally; Just take it as it is. A situation like that occured in the Bible in the life of Pharaoh's Chief Baker and Chief Cupbearer.

Genesis 40:9-12/Easy English v9 "So the cupbearer told Joseph his dream. He told Joseph, ‘In my dream I saw a fruit plant in front of me. v10 And there were 3 branches on the plant. As soon as new leaves came, flowers came. And they became fruit. v11 Pharaoh’s cup was in my hand. And I took the fruit. And I put the juice into Pharaoh’s cup. Then I put the cup in his hand'. v12 Joseph said ‘This is what your dream means. The 3 branches are 3 days."

In this instance the 3 was literal but what needed the interpretation was the fruit and the branches. Another example is when Joseph in his dream saw 11 stars, the sun and moon. The stars were representing his brothers but the 11 was constant since he had 11 brothers.

When you see numbers in your dream, that which will need interpretation is what comes with the number. However, the number helps in bringing out the meanings of the rest of the dream, example is in the case of Joseph seeing the 11 stars. The 11 will quickly let you know that it is about his brothers.    

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