Exclusive: Meet Abdul Samed Awuche, The Tallest Man In Ghana.


Residing from the Northern part of the country, I introduce you to Sulemana Abdul Samed, the man who is believed to be the tallest man in the whole of Ghana.

Awuche, as he is popularly known is a 27-year-old man living at Gambaga in the North East Region of Ghana.

Reliable sources indicates that the 27-year-old man was having a normal life right from his childhood until one day when he woke up from his sleep and started experiencing some weird changes within his body. He noticed that the size of his tongue had become bigger in his mouth which he quickly alerted his brother and he was taken to a clinic.

According to Abdul Samed Awuche, Ever since that day, his height and size started increasing, his feet were growing bigger than his Sandals and people were asking him why he was suddenly increasing. Awuche's situation is suspected to be "Gigantism", a condition in which a person began to experience an abnormal increase in height and shape due to excessive growth harmone in the body.

Awuche was a very good football player whom other team coaches even hire to leave his team and come to play for them when there was a tough match. But because of his current condition, he can no longer take part in the football field. At every morning, Awuche wokes up and ride his motorbike to his work place as a mobile money vender in Gambaga.

He sometimes jokefully brags that he is the tallest in the country and nobody can argue that.

Awuche however testifies that his condition is abnormal and he is pleading with the general public to support him financially to restore his normal body back.

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