The rate at which the country's debt continues to increase is not good news to citizens - Sammy Gyamfi


The communication director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi has made another crucial statement, revealing that, the country is in serious trouble.

According to him, the rate at which country's debts continues to increase is not a good news to citizens of Ghana. He went on to blame the current NPP government for this menace.

“Under the NPP government, Ghana's debts have risen to a point that nobody ever thought about. This is not a good news at all to anyone in this country”, he said.

Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi also added that, though the country's debt continues increase at a very high rate, Ghanaians are not seeing any improvement in the economy.

“Our debts are increasing each and everyday but we are not seeing any improvement in the economy, what do they use the money for?”, Sammy Gyamfi questioned.

He also added that, we as citizens of Ghana are in serious trouble under Akuffo-Addo's poor governance.

“I can stand here and boldly tell everyone that, our country is not safe under this government. We are in serious trouble and we may end up having a very poor economy if we continue to trust this government”, he added.