10 Facts Of Life You Need Understand

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Life is a feature that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes such as signaling and self-maintenance from those that do not, either because these functions have ceased (have died) or have never performed such functions and are classified as inanimate. There are different life forms, such as plants, animals, fungi, protists, Achaea, and bacteria. Biology is the science that studies life.

1. The fact that the early life was unhappy doesn't mean the middle ending will be nothing to write home about. So stop being a sadist.

 2. Get to know God in all your life. Learn to pray in good times or bad. Instead of complaining and wondering about committing suicide, why not tell Him in prayer and wait for an answer.

 3. We meet different people in different phases of our lives, they will perform their different roles either to create us or to teach us through hard lessons, to strengthen us and know how to rely only on God. When they finish their calling, they have to leave our lives. Either by betrayal or by unforeseen circumstances. We should learn to let go when the time comes.  

4. If love seems unattainable, let it go, it will come back to you, if it is yours. Love can be painful at times. 

5. Take life slowly, life is fragile. In this life there was a king who became a slave and a slave that became king. What will it be?

6. basic life fact: doesn't matter how far you run, you always are take it with yourself.

7. sometimes the person you most trust the one who trust you the least.

8. the only thing that stands between you and your dream do you want to try and believe it is really possible.

9. Don't be afraid to tell what do you believe in even if? it means standing alone.

10. good things come to those who is waiting ... more things come to those who send your ass and do everything to do it.

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