Use these 5 common food items to sharpen your spiritual memory and remember every forgotten dream.


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Your ability to remember details of your dreams is very crucial to your spiritual progress in life. Most people simply forget their dreams as soon as they wake up from their beds.The simple reason is that, their spiritual memory is dull and frozen. It must be activated and quickened to be able to remember the things that happens in their dreams.

When you wake up in the morning, all the spiritual events that happened in the dream world must be immediately remembered. This will help you to make informed decisions about your next line of action for the day. For example, if you saw an accident in your dream, remembering this dream in the morning will help you to cancel all travels for the day to save your life from untimely death through accident. Before any event surfaces in the material world, it might have started in the spiritual world through dreams and visions.

Some common food items carry the propensity to sharpen our spiritual senses and memory. Any person who uses these food items will have the will power to bring to remembrance every dream of his life. Just practice it frequently and see the positive outcome and thank opera later. Don't forget to wash the items neatly in a hygienic manner to avoid germs contamination. Lets set the ball rolling.

(1) Mix a cup of ordinary water with dew and drink it every evening before going to bed.

The procedure is very simple. Just fill a cup with normal clean drinkable water and put it on your house roofing sheet from 7pm -9pm. If your house has a complex roofing system, then put the cup of water in the open weather where the dew from heaven will fall on it. When the dew fall in the cup for at least two hours, take the cup and drink it before going to bed. No single dream will escape your spiritual memory in the morning. This practice is not magical.It is a normal way to sharpen your spiritual senses. Practice it regularly throughout a year and see the difference.

(2) Eat one cooked egg every night before going to bed.

Before sleeping in the night, eat one boiled egg on top of your supper. This healthy diet will clean your brain memory from forgetfulness in the night. You will be capable of remembering every single detail of your dreams in the night when you wake up in the morning. Don't eat fried egg please. The oil will rather dull your supernatural senses. Avoid eating fried eggs from time to time. It is not spiritually healthy for your spiritual memory.

(3) Drink coconut juice mixed with water.

Another powerful food item that sharpens your spiritual memory is coconut juice. This fruity juice contains some ingredients that cleans your spiritual eyes to give you more visions. Just buy 7 coconut and pour the juice together in one bottle. Then mix the juice with water and drink them throughout the day. The 7 stand for the seven eyes of God that watches the whole world. Try it and see the outcome. You will definitely see a positive outcome. All your dreams will be remembered. Your spiritual memory will be sharpened beyond your understanding. You will understand so many spiritual things more easily.

(4) Mix an honey with water and drink a small quantity every morning and evening.

Another item that will sharpens your spiritual memory is an honey. Mix it with water and drink it every day. If your spiritual memory is frozen, it will be quickened and activated to remember all your night and day dreams.

Honey is a powerful food for the spiritual senses. Try it and see the results in few days. But make sure you get original honey by bees. There are artificially made ones in the market. This kind of honey will not be efficacious for this purpose. Use only original honey.

(5) Eat Mushroom regularly.

Mushroom is a natural item that grows in the soil all over humid places in the world especially in Africa. It is a good ingredient to sharpens your spiritual senses. The body will remember every dream in the morning. As mushroom always grows from sleep and stand up to heaven, so your dreams in sleep will be remembered from heaven as soon you wake up.

When you use these food items frequently, all your spiritual senses will be sharpened and quickened. Every dream will be brought to your remembrance as soon as you wake up.

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