Terrorists killed after deadly attack by the military

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Terrorism has hit hard in Africa in the recent years. Kenya has experienced hardships in recent times, like according to records between 2011 and 2012 there were more than 17 grenade attacks in the country. We have witnessed attacks on major centers ,like the Garissa, Westgate and Mpeketoni attacks to mention but a few, all attributed to the Al-Shabaab.

Outside Kenya, Nigeria has also gone through alot of horrific experiences due to the militia group Boko Haram. It's estimated that since 2011 , more than 37,500 people have been killed by the group. Another staggering 2.5 million have have been displaced.

Governments have been trying to curb these insurgence for long. The Nigerian Air Task Force (ATP) ,took out dozens of these children kidnapping Terrorists in an operation. According to reports ,the coordinator of the operation, Maj. Gen.John Enencho stated that they used fighter jets and attack helicopters to obliterate terrorist occupied structures.

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