Wearing A Mask Is The New "Normal"

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Wearing A Mask Almost Everywhere Is The New"Normal"

With the latest regulations Shared by our president, Mr Ramaphosa , a mask is now compulsory to be worn everywhere since the number of cases are rising. The sale of alcohol has been prohibited until further notice.

What we have to do as residents is abiding by the rules so that we can go back to how we were back then. Wearing a mask might not be that healthy but it is not bad especially in this case.

Let us save the country,put on our masks on daily basis,let us sanitize our hands and not only our hands but our heart as well. Let us stay home and be safe. It has been said that if one is seen in public withouth a mask, apparently they will be jailed for six months and iam sure it is not something one would love to expirience,imagine being jailed for a simple thing.

#Stay Safe& Stay Home

#Wear A Mask

# Let Us Sanitize Our Hands And Hearts

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