Tiktoker Moya David responds to a fan asking him to stop using 'Mi Amor' song during his surprises

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Moya David has responded to people asking him to stop using 'Mi Amor' song during his surprises.

Moya David is a tiktok celebrity who became famous with his dances and giving out flowers to strangers.

According to the source, One of his fans noted that Moya David uses 'Mi Amor' song in almost all his videos and suggested that he could use another love song instead.

From a post shared by Nairobi Gossip Club, @-ophie288 wrote

"Can't you use other songs, am tired of this song now, please use another love song."

Moya David did not hesitate to respond to the comment and he wrote,

"Please tell that to my clients.What a customer asks customer gets...on my package I give room for the client to choose the song of his/her choice 'sasa unataka uambiwe hivi mara ngapi??Hata ringtone yako ya simu si huwa unabadilisha ukijiskia'."

'Mi Amor' is a love song by Marioo.

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