"I Rejected a Broke Man Who Loved Me to be With Celebrity, He is Now a Millionaire" Lady Narrates


A lady has narrated how she rejected a broke man who really loved her and decided to be with a celebrity, she claims the broke manis now a millionaire.

According to the lady, she was desperate and she needed a serious relationship which would lead to marriage and since the celebrity was loved by many girls, she decided to approach him not knowing what was awaiting her.

She claims that she started the conversation with the celebrity and their friendship grew into a romantic relationship but the celebrity asked her not to tell anyone since he wanted their relationship to be secret and she agreed to that.

The two would meet at a private hotel and they would not appear together in the public where the celebrity claimed he was protecting the lady from the public and since she was desperate, she agreed to everything.

They continued dating but one day the celebrity broke up with her and their conversation ended and the next step she took was to get back with the broke man she had rejected before.

She bought flowers for him and she confessed to him that she was inlove with him and the man was soo happy and accepted her back and that's how they started dating.

They dated for a while and later they got married and she claims they are now happily married. The man who she had rejected is now a millionaire and more famous than the ex-boyfriend.


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