Tension In Arabal, As Armed Bandits Attack Villages And Steal Over 230 Animals


Cattle rustlings have become a major challenge in Kenya. Currently with the Baringo in Rift Valley being the hardest hit where theft of a huge number of cows, deaths of people and destruction of property is experienced. The daily reports across; Baringo, Turkana and Samburu regions, have confirmed that cattle rustling have significantly contributed to the increasing insecurity challenges that's faced in Kenya. This cattle rustling activities have become big business involving the herders, big-time syndicates, and heavily armed bandits.

Despite the unending waves of pillage, the murder and the mayhem, the government has often been conspicuously missing in action. Where it is present, it has been feeble. You could argue that there is the occasional guard, armed with his AK47; but what is the worth of this solitary individual before the redoubtable and heavily equipped merchants of death? In a sense, the scanty security personnel in the vicinity seem to have come here on a mission to die. Their fate and that of the ordinary citizens is tied up in a tragic gordian knot. Both lots are akin to an antelope frozen squarely in the blinding headlights of a powerful car.

Currently, the heavily armed bandits attacked the Villages of Arabal and steal over 230 animals, all belonging to residents of Arabal. The reports from the residents is saying that, the tension in the area is very high.

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