I Had A One Night Stand With A Lady I Gave A Lift But She Has Fallen For Me - Uber Driver

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After a one-night fling with a female turns into a nightmare, an Uber driver is looking for assistance. Through Telegram, the Uber driver described his ordeal. He claimed that he had met a young woman on his way home from work.

He noticed the young lady wandering alone by the roadside and decided to give her a lift to her destination. He began talking to her, though, and when he realised she wasn't going home, he invited her to spend the night at her house.

They liked one other's company and had a terrific time. But as soon as she left his house, she began expressing her love for him by posting his images on social media.

The Uber driver merely intended to sleep with her and then continue on his merry way, but things didn't turn out as he had hoped. He is now looking for advice on how to manage the situation without offending the girl's sentiments.

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