RIP, Muslim Sheikh Gunned Down After Completing Evening Prayers


(Photo used for illustration: courtesy of google search engine)

A muslim leader was reportedly gunned down in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to reports, this is the second killing happening in the region. The Sheikh, called Moussa Djamali, was shot dead when he was heading home after finishing the evening prayers.

The person who shot him is still unidentified and is said to have ran away after doing the evil act. The killing was confirmed by Mustapha Machongani who is tje representative of the Congo Islamic Community of the region.

Djamali was the spiritual head of Mavivi Mosque which is located not faraway from Beni City Airport. May his soul rest in peace.


People need to live with each other in peace and harmony. The incident comes at a time when Palestine is also going through some problems with Israel. Manu people have also lost their lives in the region.