Meet The Blessed Woman Who Gave Birth To TB Joshua After 15 Months Of Pregnancy.


Temitope Balogun Joshua, popularly known as TB Joshua was born in a Christian family on June 12, 1963 in the town of Arigidi, Ondo State in South West Nigeria.

He once exclaimed that he had unusual birth, he stay 15 months in her mother's womb and a week after he was born, a boulder from a nearby quarry fall on their house when he was inside the houses, but the boulder fall inches away, after which his mother named him "Temitope" meaning "what you(God) have done is worthy of thanks." His birth was likewise "prophesied" 100 years before he was born.

Indeed this inspired TB Joshua to work relentlessly for God that saved him at his early age, and for the love he had with the Bible, he was nicknamed by peers as "pastor."

Temitope founded the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, all thanks to his mother, Folarin Balogun, who guided him to live a Christian Life and helped him be a man of benefit to the economy of Nigeria.

Joshua once posted the photo below of his mother before she died.