We dated for 3 years and when it was marriage time see what her parents said I should do


This world is loaded up with various types of individuals, various youngsters and furthermore various types of guardians. 

Then when I used to hear some kind of odd things that do happen to people who were ready to get married or about other aspect of life I do doubt, but now I believe that they really do happen, and when they say experience is the best teacher this is absolutely true.

After being in a lovely relationships with my fiancé for 3 years, it was not time we planned getting married since we have finally understand our UP's and Downs. This was about the joyous moments of our lives and during all those years in our relationship my girl told she loves my beards and I should keep them for her.

It was currently an ideal opportunity for the family presentation and marriage plan, and when the two families met the guardians of the young lady got down on me and said I can never wed their little girl with whiskers all over. To my most prominent amazement this isn't the first occasion when they're seeing me with whiskers so why since we need to get hitched that they are presently acting strange about the stubbles stuff. 

At the present time the 2 family are at war, both mine and hers and this has similarly influenced our relationship. 

Satisfy what do you guidance us to do? Since we can't wind up like this and we additionally need to get hitched in a real manner on the off chance that we are to live cheerfully together. 

Benevolently drop your remarks beneath on your best guidance for us. If it's not too much trouble, share with companions to allow us to have their assessments too.

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