How to Store Your Shoes to Prevent Damage

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Buying quality shoes is sometimes considered the hardest part of looking attractive. It involves going from store to store, especially if you didn't find your choice. Then, the part of getting and confirming all necessary features, including comfort, durability, balance, etc., appears to be time-consuming. Once you finish this, it looks like there is nothing more to do than enjoy your shoes. 

Meanwhile, what many people don't understand is that the maintenance of your shoes is equally important. If not, the durability and appearance of your shoes will matter less. Particularly, storing your shoes appropriately can ensure it maintains its shine and lasts longer.

Luckily for you, we have a few tips we can give you to ensure your shoes stay strong and attractive always.

Use shoe trees for leather shoes

A shoe tree helps to keep your shoes in shape and protects the leather from cracking by drying out residue moisture. It also prevents the interior part of the shoes from rotting.

Keep away your shoes from heat

Avoid drying your shoes under direct sunlight or storing the near heat to avoid leather cracking. Also, heat can melt the adhesion used to hold your shoe parts together.

Always clean your shoes before storing them 

Don't wait till it's the weekend before cleaning all your shoes for the week. Instead, clean them after every wear by either brushing out the dirt or giving them a light polishing.

Choose a good shoe organizer

Stacking up your shoes makes it challenging to find suitable shoes when you are in a hurry. Besides, it may deform some of your shoes. A shoe organizer will keep them orderly and neat.

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