If Desmond Goes With This Lady, He Will Be Washing Pant- Date Rush Fan Reacts. Read More.


Date Rush has gone a long way in providing Ghanaians with some sort of entertainment after a hard week of work. On yesterday's episode, short man Desmond had a date after several weeks of rejection by the ladies. He grabbed Jennifer as his date.

The competition for Jennifer was between him and Quecy. Before Jennifer decided to go with Desmond, some date rush fan commented that Desmond will be washing the pants of Jennifer if he goes with the lady.

Why this sudden conclusion? There might be some truth to it. This is because based on the demeanor of Jennifer and the how shirt and timid Sammy is, there is no reason for this incident to occur.

A man washing the panties of a lady is no big deal. However, when this is done in the form of manipulation or influence, it is a big deal.

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