"Is He Okay?" Concerns After Photos Of President Kenyatta Were Shared As He Coughed


Our president, Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta is still in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he is having a 3 day visit. Concerns were raised today in the internet after the photos of president Uhuru Kenyatta were shared. In the photos, president Kenyatta is seen coughing a bit.

Apart from coughing, much concerns were also raised concerning the gain of weight by the president over a short period. This was after a twitter handler called, Anita Wangari shared two photos of the president from which it was seen that the president had gained some weight. As shared by Tuko, the one of the photos was taken sometimes hack and the other one was taken during his 3 days visit to Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, it's worth noting that the above are just concerns and speculations. Otherwise, the president is in good health and safe as there is official communication that has been made about his Health.

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