Rift Valley MP Tears Apart Faruok Kibet, Ruto's Personal Aide


Faruok Kibet is one of the most trusted people to Deputy president William Ruto. The two are believed to share some business secrets and that might explain the secrets behind their closeness.

He is a feared person in Ruto's camp as Aden Dwale onced revealed no one can meet DP without his approval. But things are changing, people are now fed up with him. Sotik MP, Dominic Koskei commonly known as Sotet Junior took today tooked to his facebook account to show his displeasure on how Kibet oppress leaders. He also threatened to reveal how he collect money from rift valley's politicians.Dominic Koskei is a Jubilee member but a great critic of deputy president. Few days ago, he disclosed that deputy president took 'harambee' money which was meant to support 'boda boda' riders in sotik, Bomet county, something which was rubbished by "TangaTanga" supporters.

Dominic's post stired different reactions from Facebook users, others supporting him and others tearing him apart.

"The people are the one who decides the ultimate outcome of election and not extortionists of your kind." Koskei added that they are no longer afraid of him.

Below are screenshots of Netizens reactions to Dominic Koskei's allegations."I am more than sure that comes 2022, you will be thrown into political dustbins" Brian Ian told Sotik MP. Leave your comment on Dominic's post.

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