Nyeri Deputy Governor Reveals The Cryptic Message Her Late Mother Left For Dp Ruto Regarding 2022

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Nyeri Deputy Governor has revealed a message that her late mother had told her to tell Dp Ruto before the 2022 August general elections.

Sources have reported that Caroline Karugu has told off Dp Ruto to forget about the race to statehouse and leave the rest to ODM leader Raila Odinga.

This according to her is what her late mother's cryptic message was all about and as a messenger she was more than willing to speak it out.

Saying that the time is not right for Dp Ruto's presidential bid, Karugu maintained that it was now supposed to be a Raila presidential bid on August poll.

"It's not your turn, it is Baba's turn" She said.

This comes at a time when Dp Ruto and UDA joined hands with ANC and Ford Kenya party as they Popularize his bid.

Further, Ruto is reportedly under pressure to pick his running mate from central region as Raila also plans his yet to be picked counterpart.

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