A Kenyan Immigrant Has Been Charged With Killing 18 People in USA


A Kenyan immigrant by the name Bill Chemirmir has been charged with killing 18 people in the USA but fortunately will not face a death penalty.

Chemimir is charged with 13 counts of murder in Dallas County and 5 in Collin County in USA.

The Dallas County Attorney John Cruezot has explained that serial death count for Chemirmir will take time as they will be required to travel to Kenya to learn about Chemirmir's past mental history.

Bill Chemirmir is under police custody and he is facing multiple murder cases. Attorney general John Cruezot said that he will ensure he secures life imprisonment without parole so that Bill will pay for his crimes on American soil. But if he is released, it means he will be deported to Kenya.

The Kenya Criminal Justice system has recommended the suspect to undergo a psychiatric test to ensure he has the capacity to plead to murder charges.

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