Scandal: It ended in tears for Boniswa after all her secrets were revealed.

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I'm back again with Mzansi Soapies stories. 

A lot of changes is expected on Scandal this coming month which includes the end of Mamba and Boniswa's storyline,what Fans always wanted was Romeo's character to come back and it seems as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Boniswa has been planning to outsmart Mamba and take all his belongings, she has done a lot of damage turning him against his children and sleeping with his right man Gorbachev, it was never about love for Boniswa but she was securing her bags as always.

Checking August teasers on the 6th of August. Two funerals fatefully provide a window of opportunity for a widow to get exactly what she’s always wanted. So guys I'm assuming Mamba and Gorbachev will die and leave Boniswa in power as the wife. There will be a serious fight between Boniswa and her stepchildren and I wonder who will win this battle.

Coming back to Romeo's story, He might be Coming back, there is a lot of hints about Boniswa's secrets being revealed. On the 19 of August Grace and Xolile hear a voice from beyond the grave. On the 31 of August Grace receives a tip off that sets her on the war-path. 

Romeo is alive and he remembers everything that happened to him, Soo Boniswa must be ready for a second round of trouble with Romeo, Xolile and Grace. 

This is all I have for today, I hope you are happy that Romeo is back, Do leave your comments and share your opinions, thank you so much for watching see you on my next upload by. 

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