Dating A Lady Who Cannot Help You Financially is A Waste Of Time- Lady Claims.


A female Twitter user known as Omasilachi Amanda has said on her Twitter handle that for men to date ladies who cannot help them financially when they are broke is a waste of time.

It is true that men are usually seen as the ones who should be spending when it comes to any relationship. This belief has even caused a situation where some girls feel entitled to the guy's money.

However, even with this mentality, there are still some girls who usually help their boyfriends or partners out with their financial needs.

It is while addressing this situation that the young lady on Twitter known as Omasilachi Amanda said that if as a man, you are dating a girl who cannot take care of your financial needs when you are broke, then you are wasting your time.

For Omasilachi Amanda, it is not fair that only the man should be bailing the lady out from financial situations when they are in a relationship, sometimes the lady should also help the man out when he is broke.

In her words "Dating a lady who cannot help you financially when you are broke, is a total waste of time and energy. Am I lying?"

While commenting on the tweet, some men have applauded her, saying that she has just expressed what is in their minds and adding that they hope the other ladies would listen to her.

For some ladies who replied to the tweet, Omasilachi Amanda is just saying what she does not know, because according to them, only the men are supposed to be helping women out financially.