Remember The Girl That Acted The Movie "Sarafina", See Her Present Look After 28 Years


One of the thing that can kill someone career is bad health, many celebrities are no where to be find today because of some health challenges. That is why it is very necessary for us to put God first in all our doings.

This saying described the life of a South African actress, Leleti Khumalo who played a vital role in a movie Sarafina but finally was lost in the entertainment industry due to some health issues.

Leleti Khumalo was born on 30 March 1970 in kwamashu, South Africa. She is very talented in acting and was 15 when she acted Sarafina, she played the role of a freedom fighter then and contributed a lot to the South African movie industry.

Below are some of her pictures in Sarafina;

Later on , After acting Sarafina she was diagnosed of a skin infection known as Vitiligo. The infection has a bad effect on her skin colour and because of that she has to go on a break in anything partaining to entertainment.

After being lost in the industry, she decides to come out from where she was hiding to educate young people using herself as a case study.

See her present look.

Honestly, her story normally touches everyone that hears it, how her career was ruin by sickness.

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