Onyango - We Will Fight For Results In Our Caf Champions League Matches Until The Last Minute


Simba defender and Didier Gomes' number one defender, Joash Onyango, said the whole team has been instructed to reach the semi-finals of the African Champions League.

Simba SC advanced to the quarter-finals after scoring 13 points in Group A as the group leaders and Al Ahly in second place with 11 points.

In the group stage the Simba SC played a total of six matches in which one match was lose with Al Ahly conceding a goal while four matches won and forced a draw with Al Merrikh of Sudan.

Onyango said the stage they have reached is huge and they believe they have a chance to do well in the biggest tournament at the club level in Africa.

"We are thankful to reach the quarter-finals despite losing our last game. But for now what we are praying for is that we can reach the semi-final stage as these are our goals.

"The competition is tough for the participating teams, that is clear and we will not easily accept losing matches we will fight for results in our matches until the last minute ," he said.

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