"People Are Saying Fix It Because They Know He Can Do It" - Fredrick Opare-Ansah

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The former Member of Parliament for Suhum constituency, Frederick Opare-Ansah, has said that people are saying fix the country because they know President Akufo Addo can fix it.

The former Suhum MP made this statement as a panelist on the 'Spotlight' program on MX24 television yesterday, 10th June 2021, when he was asked by Noung Faalong (host) to give his opinion on the fix the country campaign.

According to him, we saw President Akufo Addo come into office in 2017, and we didn't hear the call to fix the country so, people thought he was doing the job for which they voted for him again in 2020.

He stated that we all know what has happened in the country from last year. The covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of issues which is leading to the call at this time.

"I'm not hearing people say that leave the scene. You can't do the job. I'm hearing people say fix it.

I take this as a confidence call on the president. People are saying fix it because they know he can do it." He said

He added that clearly, people have confidence in president Akufo Addo and his ability to fix the issues of the country.

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EOwCOEdsnDk

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