"By God's Grace, I'm Almost There" a woman proudly write as she posts pictures of her house

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When we grow older we start to realize that life tend to be more difficult than it used to when we were young. The main reason for this is the fact that we start to have more responsibility than we did when we were young. Instead of relying on your parents for everything, you are the one who has to do everything for your children. We can see these type of a responsibility in the story of this women

She recently completed building her house which is beautiful, when she posted pictures of the house on social media she thanked everyone who motivated her and the grace of God, but she also mentioned that she is doing this for her kids, meaning that though a house is important, the main reason why she had to build a house was to provide shelter for her children

She was motivated by other people until she managed to build her own house and from the comments that she received, you can see that other people are also getting motivated

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1233996456734646/permalink/2626268524174092/?app=fbl

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