I asked a friend to Help me with a job, but she instead took me to an elderly man looking for a wife

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Grace Wanjiku, a lady, has described how her buddy let her down after she promised to get her a job. When she called to tell her she had found a job for her, Grace excitedly went there, but she was taken to an old guy who told her she wanted to be his wife.

Grace was born and reared in Thika; after finishing basic school, she did not continue her education since her parents were poor. She worked as a housekeeper. After a year of working, she met a man, fell in love, and wanted to establish a family.

They were blessed with three children, but her marriage did not work out since her husband was a drinker who could not pay for her and the children. Grace took her children and leased a home in Thika, where she washed clothes for the neighbors in order to feed her children.

She contacted a friend in Nakuru one day and asked her to link her with a job. After two weeks, her buddy called to tell her she had found her a job. She urged her to bring her children because she would be given a house. The next day, she took her children to Nakuru, where her friend welcomed her into her home. They spent the night at her place, and the next day Grace urged her to accompany her to meet her future boss.

She was advised to bring her children, and when they arrived, they saw an elderly guy sitting in his living room. Veronica introduced herself and requested that he demonstrate the work she was meant to be doing. When the elderly man told her that she had requested her friend to bring him a wife but not a worker, she was astonished.

Grace was dissatisfied and left the residence; however, she was assisted by a kind Samaritan who paid her mortgage. Her children are still at home, and she is pleading with people of good will to assist her in finding work so that she can care for them.


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