Bad News For All South Africans As There Is A Fifth COVID-19 Wave On Its Way

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It seems that there are some people in the government who don't want to see South Africa move forward. Yesterday (Friday) South Africa was loaned R11.4 billion by the World Bank and you have to ask yourself if all the loans that have been loaned to South Africa, is the current government going to repay these loans? It took Russia 26 years to repay all their debts after the fall of the Soviet union era. Just imagine how long it will take for South Africa to pay off all the debts that have increased in this COVID-19 pandemic.

England's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson recently called an end to most COVID-19 restrictions such as face masks rules and COVID-19 passes. It appears that COVID-19 cases are slowly dropping worldwide however that's not how it seems according to the Minister of Health Joe Phaahla.

He mentioned that South Africans are likely to face the fifth wave in May or sooner. At this rate we shouldn't expect the economy to recover, the government will keep on asking for more loans. I believe it's time Joe Phaahla is thoroughly investigated like Zweli Mkhize because it appears that he is in office for the wrong reasons. 

South Africa is doomed, COVID-19 seems as if it's never going to end. Recently, billionaire Soon-Shiong launched a 1 billion dose vaccine plant in Cape Town. Their goal is to have produced a billion COVID-19 vaccines by the time 2025 arrives. It's funny how they assume that we will still be suffering from COVID in 2025. Imagine how many 'waves' South Africans would have faced. 

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