These Carefully selected jokes will get you laughing out so loud


Laughter is the best stress release medicine you could ever think of. So to help you in your quest to release stress, I have carefully selected these ten jokes for you. Enjoy.


In this picture, the person is planning on chilling with power zone which is dangerous to his or health.


According to Ghanaian movies, prostitutes chew gum so bro u and ur village members can chew gum.


These guys are constant. They never change, they rather get new members who join the group of those who don't do homework.


But why did the teacher sack them. Everybody and where his or her passion is so it is not right for the teacher to sack these young fetish priests.


Convert that to Ghana cedis. This broom is less valued in this country and is now expensive online.

6.Well, am sorry for wasting your time. What were you expecting?


Are u seeing what am seeing? Prayer Warrior at Socabet? Amazing.

8. She wants to be allergic to light.


Fashion is indeed dynamic. Expect this kind of dresses coming in to replace the ones of today.


This picture was one someone's WhatsApp status. I didn't understand the picture until I saw the caption,*Happy birthday bro".

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