Orengo Suffers Major Blow, Receives Very Unfortunate Information

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Siaya senator James Orengo has received very painful news going by the latest opinion poll from Mizani Africa. The poll shows if elections happened today then he would be going home for he would not be re-elected into office given Gumbo is more popular than him at 46.1 percent against his 44.7 percent.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/Mizaniafrica/status/1527250098698211329?s=20&t=X-gw6nbc2BEKwk92qObZPw

The latest opinion poll confirms that though he is in ODM part which is the dominant party in Siaya County, Orengo stands a very little chance to be elected as the next governor. Most of the Siaya residents who were polled made it clear Orengo doesn't have a track record of development.

This is the second time Nicholas Gumbo is contesting for the seat of Governor after losing in the last elections to Rasanga. It's however interesting that as we move into the polls Raila's bedroom has been invaded and he is likely to lose to UDM party of Gumbo.

This issues confirm that Nyanza region is slowly waking up and rejecting Raila's ODM party dominance in the county of Siaya and Nyanza region. It's already a fact many leaders are rising up against the ODM wave in efforts to give the ODM party a run for it's money.

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