Mantuli finally takes the stand as she testifies against Meikie #SkeemSaam.

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The current storyline about job scams on SkeemSaam is so relevant to what's happening out there. Kudos to the writers.

Melita’s excitement is short-lived. As we all knew Melita has paid for a job as she was waiting for a call to go for an interview, now when she calls them she can’t reach them. She even lost focus at work, Denis advice Melita to report the scammers to the police as soon as possible.

Bontle wants a day off so that she can run around looking for Transnet offices.

MaNtuli finally takes the stand. Mantuli explained everything about her and Meikie  and also expressed how much their relationship was one sided. She claimed that Meikie never loved her and she was the one that had always forced their relationship. Mantuli was always at Maputla's drinking tea and scones today their relationship was one-sided,how so?

Meikie’s lawyer Bopape is really making it hard for Mantuli as he is asking very hard questions. That was a clever question from Bopape. if Charity is a home wrecker, what is MaNtuli?

I still don't understand why principal and deputy share office space. Principal Thobagale and Magongwa are always on each other’s case. Now Magongwa is busy bragging about the new car Him and His wife recently bought.

Turf high is gonna be lit next year with all the grade 8 leaners. The principal office got a visit from mr Kgomo who wanted to apply for his son, apparently the application are closed but Magongwa said he’ll make a plan since he is the one in charge with grade applications.

Not Leeto trying to use Mapitsi, I hope she doesn't fall for it. Leeto manipulates Mapitsi to write an article about how the Matloga’s faked Noah’s death. Mapitsi is not into it but Leeto convince her on how this story will help her career as journalist.


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