Fire On The Mountain ; Two Tellers Of The Bank Affected In The Builion Van Attack To Be Invited.


There is fire on the mountain as DSP Patrick Tutu Ahenasi has signalled the readiness of the Ghana Police Service to invite two tellers of the affected Bank in the builion van attack if necessary.

He was reacting to the public sentiment to invite the tellers to help in investigations. Patrick Tutu Explained that, they have Arrested four people in connection with the Attack. However, none of the culprits have mentioned the name of any Bank worker or teller.

Therefore it will be a misplaced priority to arrest the Tellers. They can only invite them to help them move forward in the Case. The details needed from them could be the number of people that visited the bank, transaction details and others.

A police man and two other civilians were Killed by Four armed Robbers after besieging a builion van which they occupied. One woman who tried to raise alarm was shot dead by the robbers on a motor bike as they sped off.