OPINION| Zimbabwe Doesn't Need an Industry Renewal But a Complete Rebirth

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After reading that our great professor want to set up a revolving fund for Industry, and Commerce using the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) from IMF I revert to my favourite line of thinking i.e

Zimbabwe doesn't need an industry renewal but a complete rebirth. Zimbabwe should be viewed as dead economy wise and start thinking as if we have no industries at all, abandon the economic dinosaurs who are forcing the country to innovate around the familiar.

We must also discard the people whose entire adult lives have been about advising the system that we just need to keep feeding the same industries and people, we need new minds in government corridors

This is what will happen with the revolving fund:

The CZI, ZNCC, Chamber of Mines, AAG, ZMF members will drive this revolving fund with CBZ, these are the same institutions who benefit from Covid Stimulus, Their directors command agriculture, people who got quasi fiscal agriculture finance they didn't pay, the same companies who got debts acquired by Zamaco, the same guys who drive old industry complex.Its just innovating around the familiar

When do we germinate new industries, involve youths and get new people to benefit from government programs. Its like our money belongs to a certain people since 1980, an economic plan must not suckle elders but the new in SMEs, Youth, Innovation funnel greenfields and new industries

If you want to make an African government jump just tell them you will create jobs, they will move mountains for you, the quality of the jobs is another matter

More and more of the top companies in the world own ideas and some patented algorithm or brand. Coca Cola doesn't do any manufacturing, any packaging or any testing, there are companies that do so for them. They own the intellectual property that is the formula and the brand. The donkey work is done by lesser companies

Uber doesn't own any vehicle on the road, they are effectively an algorithm to use people's cars to make money. Air B n' B don't own a single hotel room or any room. They facilitate using other people's rooms. They make money, lot of it. The celebrated former industries in Zim were good during Smith's time and early 80s

Let's move on, If you have a laptop and REAL skills you have more than what was at Smith's disposal. Problem is we use such serious machinery to write poems and gossip on Social media.

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