Hushpuppi, Woodberry and associates allegedly defrauded 1.9 people of $435m


The Dubai Police recently released a video documentary detailing the arrest of Raymond Abbas (Hushpuppi) and Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka Woodbery. The pair were arrested along with 10 other suspects on allegations of money laundering, fraud and identity theft.

Dubbed “Fox Hunt 2”, the operation revealed a hidden online fraud network that was committing crimes outside the UAE, including money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft. The video revealed that the suspects scammed unsuspecting victims of hundred of millions of dollars.

The Director Criminal Investigation at the Dubai police revealed that they had received information about the gang specialized in online scams and have kept them under surveillance for a while. Brig Jamal Salem Al Jallaf further revealed that the gang, including Hushpuppi who is well known for his social media display of wealth were being monitored by the Dubai police before their eventual arrest.

On their mode of operation, the police revealed that the gang would usually pose as businessmen to lure victims from all around the world. They usually created fictitious account on social media with fake names. They also hacked corporate emails or sent fake emails to corporate customers, changing money transfers instructions from the intended beneficiaries to the personal accounts of the accomplices. Commenting further, Brig Al Jallaf mentioned that the gang also designed and mimicked company and bank websites to steal credit card information and obtain victims money before laundering the proceeds of the crime.

Information relating to the arrest indicted that a huge amount of data on individuals, companies, bank accounts, credit cards of victims and potential victims both within and outside the UAE were discovered during the raid. According to Brig Al Jallaf "The forged documents pertained to online fraud outside the country. The fraud was worth more than Dh1.6 billion. We seized more than Dh150 million in cash from them and confiscated 13 luxury cars worth Dh25 million,”

What do you think will be an appropriate sentence if they are convicted?

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