"Copy Ya Alikiba" Alikiba's Son Birthday Photos

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Alikiba is a talented Tanzanian singer and a song writer. His good music inspires alot of people and really loves them. He is doing quite well in the music industry.

Alikiba is proud father of five childrens. Three from his ex wife and two boys from the Kenyan wife. He loves his children and always supports them. Alikiba works hard to make sure his kids never lack anything and have a comfortable life.

His last born son today had a birthday and Alikiba could not keep calm. He went ahead and shared wonderful photos of his son and wished him a happy birthday.

Alikiba's son is totally look alike him. Indeed is his copy and many can see it from the below pictures. The little boy is also cute with a nice smile.

His fans were not Left behind and wished h a happy birthday and many more years ahead.

Happy birthday little boy.

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