Pardoned Soldiers: Secessionists Get More Reason To Abandon Violent Agitation

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As part of the federal government's efforts to restore peace, unity and security especially in the southeastern region of the country, more Biafran soldiers were pardoned and enlisted to start receiving gratuities from the ministry of defence. This is a solid reason to stop all violent agitations and embrace the diversity, unity and heritage of the country. It is a wonderful gesture by the government which further signifies its commitment towards restoring normalcy across the six geopolitical zones of the country. It is left to those young men who perpetrate violence and destruction to carefully decide their fate.

Nigeria's unity is non-negotiable. Those who aspire to more violence through agitations should take a moment and consult the pardoned Biafran soldiers on the consequences and dangers of civil unrest. The civil war has significantly impacted the economic growth and stability of the southern region of the country. Those who witnessed the war pray that it should never occur again. The likes of Mr Joe Igbokwe usually take to his social media platforms to lecture his people about the effects, dangers and consequences of civil war. This has earned him more attention and recognition on social media platforms.

The federal government in its quest to ensure peace has informed all the pardoned Biafra soldiers that it will continue to pay them gratuities. This is a commendable gesture and a necessary step towards achieving peace. Despite their crimes against Nigeria, the government decided to reward them so as to give no reason for other potential violent agitators to continue perpetrating crimes in the name of protest. Every sane person knows that violence only begets more violence.

(Photo Credit: Vanguard Newspaper)

When you have any disagreement with the government's decision, policies or the general structure of the country's political system, the National Assembly is the appropriate place to channel your grievances through your representative. The legislative body will deliberate and make a decision on that particular issue.

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