Rise in drug abuse among youths especially students

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Police in Kirinyaga are looking for 14 students from Fred’s Grammer Secondary School who jumped from a moving matatu when they were busted smoking weed.According to the DCI, the students had boarded a Nairobi-bound matatu belonging to 2NK Sacco and were heading home for half-term.

At some point, the driver, John Maina, sensed the smell of cannabis and upon checking he saw the students smoking and drinking alcohol.He instructed them to stop but they became unruly and threatened him.

“The concerned driver urged them to stop but the intoxicated students became unruly, threatening him with dire consequences, as others warned him to mind his business and concentrate on driving them to Nairobi.

“Incensed by the unbecoming conduct of the students, the driver decided to drive them to Sagana police station,” stated the DCI.

The students noticed the detour and ‘risked it all’ by jumping out of the matatu as it headed towards the station, leaving their luggage and bottles of liquor in the vehicle.

The school’s principal has been contacted to help in identifying the students.

At some point this is a worrying situation since abuse of drugs is becoming paramount to high school students in which if actions are not taken it could ruin the future of the young incoming generation.

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