Scholarship within and outside country


New updates. There are ongoing scholarship programmes both within and outside the country.

Please the Ghana Scholarship Secretariats has open it portal for Local tertiary Students.

Please do well and apply it's for both fresher and continuing students.

You can apply even if you have not gotten your admission yet. if you become successful they will wait for the university to release the list if you name is part of the admission list the the award you the scholarship.

Below is the link to the portal

Below are some of the major scholarships you should apply and get easily.

Schwarzman Scholarship To Study In China

Korean Government Scholarships

HKBU Scholarship To Study In Hong Kong

Bilkent University Scholarship To Study In Turkey

La Trobe University Scholarships To Study In Australia

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship To Study In Singapore

ADB University of Auckland Scholarship To Study In New Zealand

Note* Apply as early as possible since some of them do have deadline