Marrying a wife material is key to making you happy. See what my wife is taking me through- Fiction

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Whenever I travel, I overhear people discussing how to acquire wife material, but I never regarded such statements to be particularly significant. That is, once you fall in love with someone, nothing should be able to shake that love. Why would you deny yourself the opportunity to live with the girl of your dreams just on the basis of other people's desire to acquire marriage material? Where can we even obtain wife material, and what is the required yardage for the greatest wife material? These questions kept resonating in my thoughts whenever they discussed finding a lady who is wife material.

Everybody has their own set of principles, and I was never willing to let these people's principles influence my judgments. I had the opportunity to meet a lady, but I never considered whether she was a woman who does not cause trouble. All I wanted was love; I'm not sure why I thought I needed a wife.

I only had to call her once to inform her that I would be returning home with my friends, and she had to honor me by cooking a wonderful lunch for us to feast on when we arrived. "Do not worry, my dear, I will arrange everything," she said. I was overjoyed to hear such words. My friends were going to witness what a fantastic cook my lovely wife is.

Fast forward several hours later, while we waited to be served, she summoned me to the kitchen and showed me the shambles she had created. My wife had completely burned the chicken to the point where it didn't even appear appetizing. She only had to inform me that she slept off while frying the chicken. That is, who does that? It was so horrible that I became enraged, but exposing her would be a bad idea, so I had to send her to a restaurant in our neighborhood to get new meat.

Let us record that. Perhaps I should lay the blame at the feet of slumber. All of this would not have occurred if she had not gone to bed. I had forgiven her and moved on, only to return home a few days later and notice something strange.

She was not the type to like cleaning, and I frequently complained about her laziness. She was not like that in the beginning of the relationship, but over the course of the relationship, she developed a new personality. I'm curious as to what possessed her. Thus, in an attempt to impress me and to express her regret for the charred meat, this lady decided to clean the house.

I must admit that I was quite impressed when I returned home, as I had been cleaning for an extended period of time. I'd return home from work and find the house filthy, despite the fact that my wife is a housewife and is required to perform those responsibilities. Even when I was exhausted after work, I would clean the house before retiring, as I am a businessman who frequently has visitors. I simply did not want to be humiliated in case somebody came up at my house.

Everything was fine, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, until I noticed what she'd done in the hallway. This lady poured dish soap all over the television and other gadgets, as if they were automobiles. Who is responsible for this?

What would convince you that this is an excellent idea? Who taught her that at all? She was rinsing rather than cleaning these electrical appliances.

That is when I knew I had made a monumental error. Perhaps using the term "big" to describe this error I made is the greatest understatement ever made. I'd never considered marrying a wife material; I believed that love conquered all, but I eventually had to realize that this was only true in specific circumstances. While love is admirable, it should not cloud your judgment.

Avoid letting love blind you when it comes to picking a spouse who will be with you for the rest of your life. Please choose a woman who is capable of managing a household on her own. I made a mistake and am filing for divorce; I will never repeat my errors.

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