I will work for you without hesitation- Kwesi Pratt makes this unexpected revelation


Kwesi Pratt has indeed proven his level of maturity as one that Ghanaians should commend for almost all of our officials and publicists. Kwesi Pratt has been regarded as one of the main criticizers of the new patriotic party. He has been referred to as an Npp man because of his statements which almost seems to go in favor of the Ndc and against the Npp.

This has been denounced by him but many are still persistent concerning the idea that he is in favor of the Ndc more than the Npp. Kwesi Pratt whiles speaking today revealed that as Ghanaians, we sometimes refuse to see the opportunity to make good use of certain positions to better the country.

Kwesi Pratt revealed that if you’re even an Ndc man and you’re allowed to serve in Npp government, you can make a change with this great opportunity. He revealed that if that happens, you have every opportunity to change some small area you occupy and that makes you patriotic. He revealed that belonging to a party and supporting that party wholeheartedly does not make you patriotic.

After saying these things, he was asked if he would serve under Nana Addo if given the chance. After being asked this question, he stated: If you give me such an opportunity, I will work for you without hesitation and I’ll do it well because my motives are not party directed but directed at the progress of the country. Kindly comment and share.

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