From Dj Mo To Louis Otieno; Popular Scandals Tha Pushed Media Personalities out Of Their Station


The story of Professor Hamo and Jemutai has continued to elicit mixed reactions with everybody trying to convince their fans that they are not in the wrong. These scandals have reminded us of some other scandals that saw some top media practitioners lose their jobs. below are some scandals that shocked Kenyans.

Louis Otieno

He was arguably one of the top TV personalities during his time. He commanded a huge following with many admiring his delivery during his prime time news anchoring. However, his career took a downward trend when he was accused of allegedly murdering a university lady he was involved with. Since then his career has never risen again.


The popular gospel DJ Mo too was one of the greatest we had in the industry. He is married to popular secular turned gospel musician Size 8. An infidelity scandal forced his previous working station to terminate his services. He hosted a show on NTV dubbed Crossover 101.

Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange has also been involved in a bit of scandal. While working for KTN, one of his guests made some diminishing statement to a fellow politician that saw the station bow to public pressure and fired him. He however made a comeback on Citizen TV.