Alternative Methods To Cure Dental Caries


When you take a visit to the dentists, they will basically advise you to improve your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth etc. You can avoid that visit by simply trying these methods to cure dental caries at home.

1. Take one teaspoon of coconut oil. Put in your mouth for 15 minutes. Spit it out afterwards. This will help you in healing your damaged teeth and gum. Furthermore it is a good method to cure gingivitis and relieve headaches.

2. Floss your teeth frequently. Take a string or buy flossing equipments. Carefully use the string or equipment to get in between your teeth and remove remaining foods. This helps in prevent forming of tartar and tooth decay.

3. Sugar is like food to bacteria found when a tooth starts decaying. The best things you can do in this situation is to avoid sugary foods.

Which one of the methods do you prefer? Comment below.

Disclaimer: Some dental problems or diseases require you to visit the dentist. I am not advising you to stop going to the dentist whenever you feel unwell.