Fikile Mbalula is satisfied that the infrastructure upgrades are on track

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I am satisfied that the infrastructure upgrades are on track to salvage a dilapidated a network that has been brought to its knees by criminal conduct, these upgrades will be reinforced by a security model that relies on tight collaboration with law enforcement ~ Min Fikile Mbalula

One train station that he is in, taking photos, is not a true reflection of the state of rail infrastructure in the country, this minister and other ministers must never ever undermine security guards, the rail infrastructures were damaged because minister Mbalula did not take security serious, from now on they must hire railway security guards and they must pay them well and give them necessary tools to do their work, they must stop giving private security companies contract to do government work. Why did you guys abruptly cancel the security contract which led to the vandalism of the infrastructure, especially in Gauteng common sense would have to appoint a new security company before you do that because by carelessly cancelling those contracts, you left a vacuum for opportunities and criminal to vandalize the whole railway line, which is going to cost more money to fix than the entire security contract

But what is the point of upgrading infrastructure when you are not upping security on the rail network? You have identified a security threat to infrastructure, but have not said a word about protecting it you are only wasting taxpayers money. Why is it we always allow things to be so messed up to such a point where it requires billions of rands to fix, where is Prasa Security and Railway SAPS I feel like there is something wrong here clearely law enforcement allowed the Vandalism to happen. Now we the tax payer have to fix it looking at this massive maintenance of railway lines, a lot of corruption is gong to arise why put state funds to such sitiations

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