Uganda President Says He Will Not Employ Poor Citizens, Gives A Reason Behind That

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Uganda President His Excellency Hon Yoweri Museveni has claimed that in his remaining term of power he will not employ the son's and daughters of the poor but only those from the rich families, this is according to the emerging report from NBS Television.

According to president Museveni, employing those from the rich families would greatly help in fighting the rampant corruption in the country. This measure has raised alot of questions about the future of the poor and how they will manage to get their daily bread since they are already poor.

This measure is totally different from what is advocated by Kenya's politicians. For example, deputy president William Ruto is preaching about bottom-up formula of reviving economy. With this formula, those from humble background will be considered first unlike the case of president Museveni.

The question is, how can failure to employ those from humble background helps in fighting corruption? Share this article with your friends and remember to follow us for more updates.

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