Why Some Girls Are Double Dating


One of the worse situations in life is when a woman is caught dating two or more guys at a time. It makes people to think otherwise for her.

Most of the time when people see her with a guy they know, they try to conscientise the guy about her character. Yet to her it's doesn't seem like she is two timing but she thinks she is doing that due to the 3 below reasons:

1. Men keep disappointing them no matter the effort they put in the relationship

These are types of women who have been disappointed going through series of disappointment by men they have supported financially, physically with the best of respect yet they threw them off without any particular reason.

Out of pain and fear of the future on their relationship matters, they now decide not to date one guy.

Although it's not the best of it yet they feel that is the best they can do to have a another man when the other man pushes them off the track.

2. They are afraid of danger of the future

A lot of ladies get serious broken heart during dating. This makes them to still be in fear even when they meet Mr. Right who doesn't even care about their past.

Yet they still doubt them and want to find attachment incase of emergency. 

You see majority of these girls have become victims of circumstances.

They don't like that kinda life they are leading yet because of the fear of the future they care not about the kind of disgrace that is awaiting them.

3.They think all men are the same

Women who are double dating are very much aware of the future should both guys they are dating decide to marry them.

But they don't want to believe that it will be possible that all the two guys will decide to marry them. They see both of them to be like their ex's so nothing good will happen in their relationship.

4. They are ready to face consequences

Sometimes those who are close to them like relatives, colleagues business partners and know of their type of lifestyle prompt them of the dangers of the future.

But frankly speaking they are very much aware but they are ready to face life squarely because they think it has not been fair to them.

And they think many guys have toyed around with them so they are paying back to whoever that will be a victim.

So these are the reasons why a lot of women are leading a double dating kind of life.

But my dear sisters not all men are the same and not all relationships are supposed to end up in marriage.

So never enter a relationship with your full heart and the mindset that the person you are dating must compulsory marry.

Only don't cheapen yourself in a relationship but believe God that in his time he will make all things beautiful

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