Samini apologises to the Legon gate man

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Ghanaian dance hall artiste, Emmanuel Andrews Sammini, known in the music industry as Samini, formerly Batman has apologized to the gateman he teased yesterday.

Samini posted a video yesterday of himself at the entrance of the University of Ghana,Legon expressing his displeasure for the gateman not allowing him to enter without his pass. Samini said that he has two passes for entry,one for his bike and the other for his car. On the day, he changed his car and forgot his pass in his other car. When he got the gate, the gateman there insisted that Samini shows his pass or he will not enter. Samini got angry and called the gateman 'Chairman of gatemen' in a post on Twitter, for not allowing him to enter. Many people seemed not to be be happy with the act Samini portrayed since they believe the gateman was doing his job.

This morning, Samini has listened to those bashing him for the wrong he did and has issued an apology to the gateman.

He wrote on his Twitter handle:

After my post about the incident at the security-gate I’ve realized majority of you advised that I should have done the right thing.Nothing makes my case right regardless of how many cards I have and how upset I got .#nocardnoentry Apologies to the young man doing his job. 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

God bless you Samini for that good gesture, many people has reacted.

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