4 Stats Of Manchester United Games When Maguire Played Versus When He Didn't Play

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Harry Maguire is currently Manchester United's captain, and has been giving his best for the club. He is one of the most criticised players of Manchester United, as even many supporters of the club believe that he is overrated. Harry Maguire hardly gets injured, thereby making it rare for him to miss any match. The club has played 78 matches with him, and he has missed just 5 matches. Anybody that believes he is not good enough, needs to see these stats

1) Goals conceded per 90 minutes

The ratio of goals that Manchester United has conceded per 90 minutes when Maguire played is 1. However, without him, the goal ratio per 90 minutes is 1.8

2) Shots conceded per 90 minutes

The ratio of shots conceded per 90 minutes with Maguire on the pitch is 10.7 while the ratio of shots conceded without Maguire being on the pitch is 12.8

3) Points per game

The ratio of points that Manchester United has won per game for the matches he played is 1.9 while the ratio of points won without him playing is 1

4) Number of clean sheets

Out of the 78 matches that Harry Maguire has played for Manchester United, they have been able to keep 27 clean sheets. However they never had a clean sheet when Maguire didn't play.

What are your thoughts about this, do you think Harry Maguire is getting the credit he truly deserves? Drop a comment below.

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