How Pandora Papers Leak portrayed Uhuru as a ‘Liar’ to Kenyans

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President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s secret deals was exposed by Pandora Papers at the start of the week. Contrary to earlier report, where the Kenyan president revealed to BBC hard talk that his property is within the public domain, Pandora Papers revealed that there are many secret offshore assets that are owned by Kenyatta and family.

Kenyans turned to social media castigating the president over what they termed as enriching himself at the expense of citizens.

“As Uhuru Kenyatta mounted a political comeback by campaigning against corruption, his family’s secret fortune was growing offshore, a massive new leak shows,” a statement from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists read.

Was Uhuru Kenyatta preaching water and taking wine at the same time? The President was quoted urging lawmakers to join him in the fight against graft. 

Uhuru alongside his mother Ngina Kenyatta, brother Muhoho and sisters, reportedly have some of their property sealed from public scrutiny and their wealth jealously guarded. ICIJ reports indicated that at least $30 million assets have been stashed in foreign countries with a significant value in Panama.

The latest revelation compounds Uhuru’s reputation of transparency and accountability in fighting corruption. The president might have been lying on the annual financial interests that he submits to the Ministry of Finance.

Uhuru reacted on Monday over the Pandora Papers expose by stating that it would go a long way in ensuring financial accountability and openness. However, he promised to give a comprehensive report when he jets back from America.

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